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Bad, painful backs, seem to be the scorn of the civilized world.  We’ve all had them at one time or another.  Be they job related, hereditary, or just happen, they can deliver a quick knock out punch.

T.W. of New Jersey wrote …. I put the back belt on Monday afternoon – My back was greatly improved by Tuesday afternoon – 24 hours! Amazing  …Thanks!

This is typical of the comments I receive.  Backs are tricky, and there is no 100% cure or treatment, but my belts and braces have helped a great percentage of users.

Tips on Buying Back Belts

The wider the belt the more support you will get, but also you will have less mobility.  For instance golfers generally like a narrower belt.   You must determine how tight a belt you want.  Most people find a tighter belt gives better support.  But, don’t count on a lot of stretch, particularly when they are new.  Measure where you are going to wear the belt.  Were not all shaped the same.  You can overlap your belt easily and comfortably.  It does not take a lot of magnets to get good response.  All of these belts will give you relief

SP 7″ Blue Back Belt & Brace

The SP  Blue Belt. One size fits up to 40″ waist comfortably, up to 44″ waist tight. The belt is 7″ wide, 40″ long before flexing, 2″ velcro closure, plus 37″.  It Has 16, High Powered, 900 gauss magnets.



Jemko 8″ SlimPro Magnetic Waist Trim & Support Belt with  magnets

  Basically the same belt.  Same length, but 8″ wide.  Tan in color.  It Has 16, High Powered, 900 gauss magnets.


Sobakawa/BIOflex Back Supports

The Sobakawa/BIOflex Back Support is my premier back belt. It contains 5 patented 500 gauss BIOflex® Concentric Circle Magnets, each 2″ in circumference, which help ensure accurate alignment of the magnetic field with blood vessels for maximum therapeutic benefits. Improved circulation and accelerated healing occurs when the magnetic field is properly aligned with a blood vessel causing magnetic attractions and deflections, thus releasing a small amount of heat. This action causes.

Jasper 3 Wide Back Belt & Brace

This wide, tan, 8″ belt, tapers to 6″ on each end. Has 45, 0.1″ x 0.4″ diameter, bio-north, 1,000 gauss magnets. Cotton  pile inner lining provides firm, comforting support with velcro closure. A comfortable brace that gives maximum support.


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