Magnetic Necklace


Some call it Hematite, and others Blackstone.  I call it BLACK BEAUTY.  But whatever you want to call them, they are my number one and number two products.    Why? because they are attractive and they work! The necklaces relieve headaches, shoulder, and neck pain. The bracelets do the same for arms, wrists, hands, and fingers.

In reality they are highly polished, ferrite ceramic magnets.  Each link is an approximately 1,800 gauss magnet.  Just as important is the density of each magnet.  This is why I always recommend the Black Beauty first to my customers.  They just plain have more strength.

As for looks, the natural charm and beauty of these Black Beauty Magnetic Necklaces and Bracelets make them true winners, and they are truly uni-sex.


Black Beauty Necklace

A very nice Necklace, in the popular Twist Design.  Now with a magnetic clasp. You will enjoy it. the Green beads will give you a wonderful look in natural stones.


Black Beauty Bracelets

Matching Twist Bracelet, now with a Strong Magnetic Clasp

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