Pulse Magnetic Bed

Are you a Professional Athlete, Weekend Warrior, Disabled, or Diagnosed with Disease?It has been discovered that within 7 days, nearly anyone (or any animal) using a MicroPulse pulse magnetic generator can attain a 10%+ increase in strength, stamina and recuperation by supplementing Earth’s natural geomagnetic field while getting the deepest most restful/recuperative sleep of your life.


The MicroPulse is a small, portable device that generates an electromagnetic field with a strength of 0.05 gauss. (The earths magnetic field is 0.5 gauss). It has an adjustable pulse that covers the range thought to be similar to that of Earth, around 7.8 Hertz.

I purchased my first MicroPulse after reading about it in the March, 2004, health newsletter Alternatives, By Dr. David G. Williams. He explained some of the history of treating neurological diseases with low level electromagnetic therapy. He told about successes with the MicroPulse, and how easy it was to use.

Pulse Magnetic Therapy is very popular in Europe. Look at the European and other Research.   Several very good European systems are being sold in the United States. Most of them priced from $1,500 to over $2,500. Enter good old American ingenuity. MicroPulse is proudly made in the United States, by MilliPulse, Inc., a pioneer in the field of magnetic supplementation. By placing a small coil under your mattress, you have a Pulse Magnetic Mattress. Or, by placing a coil over an injury you can treat local problems. The unit itself is no larger that a deck of playing cards. The cost, $399!

The MicroPulse makes Pulse Magnetic Therapy affordable to everyone. This is a very complex, but simple to use device, that I fully encourage everyone to have. It has proven popular to athletes, where strength is important. It eliminates the aches and pains of everyday life.  But, more importantly, it has helped people with Arthritis and Joint Problems; Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; plus Neurological diseases, such as Parkinsons and MS.

Being post-polio, with arthritic knees I was a perfect candidate. The MicroPulse has 3 separate coils, 2 for local treatment, and one for full body treatment as it transforms your mattress into a pulse magnetic mattress. I had slept on a good, high priced, magnetic mattress pad for seven years. But, I took it off, and slipped the MicroPulse coil between the mattress and box springs. Presto!  I had a pulse magnetic mattress. I sleep like a baby, my knees are improved immensely both in pain and strength. The rest of my body is also getting rid of the little aches and pains. I also use the other coils locally for pain. When on a trip, I will slip the second coil behind my seat in the map pocket. I get out of my van chipper, without the usual cant hardly walk syndrome.

IMPORTANT! You sleep on it ….therefore you will use it. Most therapies work, but people dont want to spend the time. The MicroPulse meets my three basic criteria: effectiveness, ease of use, and cost.

Please notice, MilliPulse, Inc., manufacturers of the MicroPulse make no medical claims.  But, I strongly suggest if you have a condition that you believe it might help, try it.  You have 30 days to return it for a full refund. I do ask that it be taken care of, and returned with all the parts and manual.

Athletes, take particular attention to the strength building traits of the MicroPulse.  The following is a synopsis of the MicroPulse literature.

The manufacture makes no medical claims as to benefits of the MicroPulse magnetic field supplementation device and methods. The MicroPulse device and methods are strictly performance enhancement tools; utilizing geomagnetic strength, pulsed magnetic field supplementation principals to improve strength, stamina and flexibility. Our products are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

In the quest for advanced human performance enhancement, the manufacturer has successfully developed astonishing new technology utilizing very low intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields which positively impact clients’ sleep and recuperation, substantially enhance strength to weight ratio, stamina, and flexibility. MicroPulse allows body to sharpen spatial, hand-eye, balance and motor ‘synchronization’.

We can massively enhance just about anyone’s physical performance. Typical strength and workout intensity greatly enhanced. Average gains seen by athletes in 15% range between 2-4 weeks. MicroPulse is safe, and will greatly impact your strength to weight ratio, and recovery. If you’re a professional or world-class athlete or trainer, what’s that worth to your bottom line?

The magnetic field of the planet (and its pulsed magnetic component) is weakening and being overshadowed by electromagnetic man-made pollution. So, we have created a novel, geomagnetic field supplementation device and methods to correct the effects of this natural magnetic field deficit. The results have astounded our clients.

MicroPulse is the safest, easiest, least expensive, most holistic and convenient method of performance enhancement ever discovered. MicroPulse is a one time purchase which can result in a lifetime of performance enhancing benefits. MicroPulse works synergistically with nutritive supplementation. There are no known pharmaceutical contraindications and no known adverse reactions at magnetic field densities many times greater than MicroPulse .

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exposes the body to several thousand times MicroPulse peak magnetic field density (which is comparable in strength to Earth’s geomagnetic field). Under a mattress, net magnetic flux to body is less than 1/10 peak output (or about one tenth that of the Earth). Unlike anabolic steroids which carry biological and regulatory risk, MicroPulse  is safe, legal and covert. It does not increase body weight, but substantially increases strength to weight ratio, the key to athletic competitiveness in just about any sport.

Strength enhancement is residual.  Strength has been maintained (or further enhanced) by our clients who are healthy/athletic, as well as those with many disorders. If you’re an older athlete, MicroPulse is priceless; it will keep you competitive far beyond your peers and your years.  If you have any degenerative illness which is failing to respond to conventional therapy, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying geomagnetic field supplementation to increase your strength, stamina and recuperation.

MicroPulse clients report: Greatly enhanced sleep, Greatly enhanced recuperation, Enhanced flexibility, Substantially enhanced stamina within a few days, Substantially enhanced load bearing strength within 7 days, Enhanced spatial, balance, hand/eye and motor synchronization’, Reduced stress. These effects are unprecedented in the literature.

We believe immense strength, stamina and recuperation enhancements from pulsed magnetic field supplementation are indicative of much deeper, more important biological effects.

Its just about Dummy Proof! Its simple, extremely low powered.  Works with nature, not against it.  One geomagnetic power setting works for all applications. Internal coil allows mobile operation off internal 9 volt battery (not included) for up to a week of continuous operation.

Shipped with two external electromagnetic coils for use with the device, which run on a 12 volt wall transformer (included).

One solid core electromagnetic coil for local application which has unique magnetic field parameters. Particularly effective in local recuperation applications.

One air core electromagnetic coil is placed under your mattress or futon transforming your existing bed into the world’s first electromagnetic sleep system.   Works with any mattress up to 16″ (41 cm.), so it works anywhere you go, even hotel or  motor home.  Sleeping within this extremely low frequency milligauss magnetic field will substantially improve performance, reduce stress and generally enhance well being.

MicroPulse is small and portable enough so you can enhance your recuperation even while on the road.  We guarantee any trucker the best sleep they’ve ever gotten in their rig, as well as the least amount of discomfort from hips and back, better judgment, spatial orientation, reduced stress, etc.

You have 30 days to return the MicroPulse for full refund, less shipping, if not completely satisfied with individual results.  You’ll know MicroPulse works for you within two weeks

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